Sample Comparison Essay on Catholicism vs. Baptist

Who is a Baptist? It is a Christian believing in salvation through faith, baptism by immersion, the power of the bible, autonomy of local churches and non-recognition of authoritative creeds. Baptist is also used to denote church or organization that holds similar principles. Most Baptist churches are considered Protestant with most of them being evangelical.

It is worth noting that Baptist churches have undergone transformation and today, they are different from what they were in the beginning. These differences mostly emanate from their way of worship, their beliefs, how they view other Christians and their understanding of Christian discipline.

On the other hand, Catholicism denotes the body of the Catholic faith, its characteristics, doctrines and theologies among others. Some people view Catholicism as those churches and Christians who subscribe to the Catholic Church while others view it as continuity of original doctrines. This is a common stance especially by churches, which differ with Catholicism in terms of practices and doctrine. Catholics and Baptists have a host of differences in exercising their faith and believe in God.

According to the Roman Catholic Church, you are saved through sacraments of the church, which is commonly known as salvation by works. Some of these works include the Mass”, baptism of children and Communion among others. Catholics therefore agree that through these works, salvation is automatically infused. On the other hand, Baptists subscribe to salvation by Gods grace through Jesus Christ, besides these works, which are practiced by Catholics.

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Additionally, Catholicism puts weight on the Mass” and is considered as re-sacrificing of Christ body and blood by a priest. On the contrary, Baptists consider this as blasphemy since their doctrines hold that Christ is in heaven with God and not on a Communion table. Baptists also hold that Christ died once and through His death, the sins of all humankind were taken away throughout history.

Another common belief among Catholics is purgatory. This is a place where they go for temporal cleansing of their sins. On the other hand, Baptists teachings do not recognize the practice of purgatory as it does not feature anywhere in the bible. Instead, Baptists hold that there are only two destinations for every person upon death, heaven or hell. In other words, the third place recognized by Roman Catholics does not exist in the bible.

Moreover, Catholicism supports the existence of the Universal Catholic Church, which was established by Apostle Peter, whom they commonly refer to as the first Pope of the world. Based on this, the Pope is the caretaker of the keys to the Gates of Heaven and Hell.

Conversely, Baptists believe in the independence of the local church its assertion of authority. Here, they hold that every Baptist church is independent of secular authority and from all other churches in the world. With regard to prayers, Roman Catholics pray to God through Mary the Mother of Jesus and Saints. On the other hand, Baptists hold that when you pray, you make your requests known to God directly through His Son Jesus Christ. It therefore suffices to deduce that there are numerous differences between Catholics and Baptists, based on their doctrines and beliefs.

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